Residential moving involves movement of all kinds of household goods. Our Residential moving services include movement of small items like utensils, books, clothes to big items likes fridge, washing machine, TV to complex odd sized sofas and Pianos bed. Moving is usually seen as a very difficult and unwanted job as people are not that expert in moving all kind of goods and don’t know how to make proper use of space. If space is not utilized properly then you may end up paying for extra space when moving is done using part load and end up pay extra charges. Sometime in lieu of expert advise you may end up paying for full truck when your goods were not that much. Considering moving experts is great choice to solve your all headache.

Moving household goods can be a mess, but with 4M Logistics as residential movers in Singapore, it can be well planned, organized and very easy for you. We sort your goods as per size, fragility density etc. and then pack them into stackable cartons for their easy movement. We also make list mentioning details of goods for each carton. We are very professional in our work. Below are your visible benefits by choosing us:-

  • Faster sorting, packing and delivery
  • Time saving
  • Lesser chances of damages